Flaxseed and Kefir Breakfast Bowl: A Power-Packed Recipe

Flaxseed and Kefir Breakfast Bowl: A Power-Packed Recipe

Linseed seeds with Kefir turn out thick, nutritious and very useful as a digestion drink, in addition to it being tasty. Some people like to drink it, or use a spoon.

Preparation time – 15min

1 serving

113 kl per 100 g


Kefir – 1 glass (Mount Olympus Pure Foods -Cows’ or Goats’ Milk Kefir plain)
Flax seeds – 1 to1.5 tablespoons
Coconut Palm Sugar or honey – according to taste


Use any flax seeds – ordinary or white. After soaking in Kefir, they swell and even acquire some jelly-like properties. It remains only to grind the mass with a blender – and the dish is ready to serve. Use, for example, for breakfast or as a dinner or a meal on a fasting day. It is also good for a useful snack during the day.

Measure the required amount of flax seeds in a blender glass or other suitable utensil.

Pour over the seeds a portion of Kefir, mix and let them swell for 10-15 minutes (or longer, if desired).

Then add honey or sugar and mix it.

Flaxseed with Kefir is now ready.

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