Plant-Powered Wellness: Enhancing Vegan Diets with the Benefits of Water Kefir

Plant-Powered Wellness: Enhancing Vegan Diets with the Benefits of Water Kefir

From supplying a vast quantity of antioxidants to doing the planet some good, plant-based diets have many advantages. Whether you are just starting out or have been in favour of a vegan eating plan for some time, including some of our water kefir in your daily routine can be advantageous.

Here are some of wellbeing supporting benefits of water kefir:



The gut is home to a collection of organisms mainly made up of beneficial bacteria that are essential for good health. They assist with digestion and even produce some nutrients for us, namely biotin, Vitamin K and short chain fatty acids that support both digestive and overall wellbeing.

These beneficial organisms play an especially important part during the consumption of a vegan diet. Plant-based foods are generally harder to digest which is when the gut bacteria step in. They fermented otherwise undigestible fibres to produce extra energy and nutrients.

In a nutshell, you aren’t strictly what you eat, you are what you absorb and beneficial bacteria may allow you to make and absorb more of the good stuff.

Stress, alcohol, a high sugar diet, pollutants and medications can all deplete the variety and quantity of beneficial bacteria in the gut so it makes sense to top up their numbers at regular intervals.

Fortunately, studies indicate that regular kefir consumption can boost the number of beneficial bacteria. We recommend starting your day on half a bottle of our vegan-friendly water kefir.


B vitamins

B vitamins are a group of nutrients which are essential for cellular function, energy metabolism and cardiovascular health amongst many others. Although some plant based foods are sources of B vitamins, vitamin B12 is predominantly of animal origin. Without B12, fatigue, joint pain, poor memory and trouble concentrating are common symptoms. Here is the good part: fermented foods such as kefir are a source of vitamin B12 and other B vitamins thanks to the presence of the lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus reuteri.

The concentrations of B12 aren’t enough to completely forgo supplementation but it does provide further justification to drink that daily bottle of water kefir.



Gut bacteria affect the immune system from the day we are born and carry on enhancing it well into adulthood. Infections such as the common cold, urinary tract infections, thrush and even food poisoning are more common if there is a lack of beneficial microbes in the gut. Kefir consumption can boost the gut microbiome, offering an important immune supporting advantage. We recommend consuming water kefir every day for at least 30 days for immunity.

Antibiotics used to treat infections can wipe out beneficial bacteria alongside the disease causing pathogens. Luckily, kefir consumption can replace some of the good bacteria and even prevent reinfection. When it comes to the post-antibiotic period, the longer and more regularly you can consume kefir, the better. It takes a while to replenish the gut microbiome so we recommend a daily dose of kefir for at least 2-3 months following a course of antibiotics.


Kefir for vegans

- Start your day with kefir to boost digestive health

- Consume kefir to strengthen the immune system

- Add a daily dose of kefir to obtain more B vitamins

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